Understand Your Swing & Achieve Your Goals – Resist the Quick Fix

Hello and welcome to JeffDeBouGolf. I am a certified PGA of Canada golf instructor based out of the Seymour Creek Golf Centre in North Vancouver, BC. I offer private golf lessons, group lessons, and on-course playing lessons to create the learning environment that best suits your needs and preferences. I also instruct short game private and group lessons at Northlands Golf Course.
Through my programs, it is my goal to redefine the conventionally accepted standard of instruction in the game of golf. To achieve this,  I aim to provide students with complete and effective information that will allow them to break away from the over-simplified and often conflicting ‘cliché’ ideas that can trap ambitious golfers in a cycle of short-term ‘placebo’ improvement, leading to disappointment in the long term. Students who invest in their games deserve much better than this, and I am committed to providing the right information through a process that carves a clear path toward decisive, efficient, and sustained improvement.
I am also committed to developing my website into a meaningful resource of information to benefit all golfers. Check out my YouTube channel ‘Jeff DeBou’, as well as the ‘Tips & Advice‘ tab on this site. I will be adding content often. You can also use this site to learn more about my teaching philosophy, or to book lessons by contacting me directly. Enjoy!

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