Getting a virtual lesson via video analysis is a great way to get your swing analyzed, and obtain a visual representation of the process you can focus on to making meaningful improvement. The process is simple and convenient, as it can be done from wherever you are in the world. I will analyze your supplied swing videos through V1 golf analysis software, record a voiceover of my thoughts as we dissect your swing, and send you a summary video containing a clear, focussed plan for fundamental improvement.

**Every virtual lesson includes the option for a 15 minute skype call with me to discuss your video.

  • 1

    Capture Video

    Please take “Down The Line” and “Face On” videos with an iron or a driver (see below for details on proper video shooting).

  • 2

    Upload Video

    Upload video to YouTube in the highest possible quality resolution, email video links to

  • 2

    Send Video

    If YouTube not an option, send me the videos directly via email to

  • 3

    Send Payment

    Send $60CAD via E-Transfer or PayPal to

  • 4

    Optional Step

    Include a brief summary of the state of your game, particularly if there is something specific you’d like to address

How To Get A Video Analysis:

  • Use Landscape Mode if using a camera phone (turn your phone sideways). **IMPORTANT**
  • Take videos from 2 angles, one facing “Down The Line” and another from “Face On” (beside the golfer).
  • Take video hitting real golf balls (practice swings are not very helpful).
  • Shoot using highest possible frame rate. (240+ frames per second if possible)
  • Shoot in good light conditions.
  • Wearing stripes can be very helpful. Dark solid colors makes seeing detail difficult. Please tuck in your shirt. Also, a contrasting belt can make hip movements easier to see.
  • A tripod or stable base is highly recommended.
  • Have the camera far enough away to be able to see the club face at the top of the backswing, but not too far that it is difficult to see body movements.
  • Try to avoid shadows (sun behind you) if possible.

Down the Line View

Level Camera. Position Camera Horizontally For Landscape Mode – Golfer Centered.


Level Camera. Position Camera Horizontally For Landscape Mode – Golfer Centered.